I am Jackie. Vancouver based, my home is in Port Moody. I travel throughout the Lower Mainland and am always up for further destinations!

Photography is my passion. I am most intrigued by human faces, emotions + connection and I strive to capture that in my photos. I want to create images that you want to stare at forever. I want to give you images that make you feel. That make you stop. That make you think. That make you love. I want you to see yourself through my lens.

I have two boys. Nine + two. Beauty in all of its forms and I am heartbroken at how fast time moves--how quickly they change. Photography is an outlet for me to capture details I never want to forget. I want to capture your loves as well. So when they've grown you'll always have amazing images to remember. Their chubby knuckle dimples. The way their body used to melt into yours. Feathery eyelashes resting on perfect cheeks. The soulful look in their eyes. The way their hair curled around their neck.

I'm obsessed with light. How it falls. Where it hits. How to play with it. How to create magic with it. How light can bring out your best features. How we can create an image that is interesting. Different. Unique. Stunning. I'm constantly trying to push boundaries within art to create images that are breathtaking. That you want to blow up BIG and hang on your wall.

The goal of all my sessions is to make you feel as relaxed + stress-fee as possible, so your true personality can shine through and I can do my job. It can feel intimidating to think about being in front of the camera, or needing to somehow "perform" to get images with emotion. It doesn't have to be! My goal is to leave you at the end of your session feeling like we had the best time hanging out, and to deliver breathtaking images of that time.

I love working with humans. You. Your children. Someone you love. I love births. I love babies! I love kids. I love families. I love artistic headshots. I love creative ideas! Connect with me + let's create magic.

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“Jacqueline has an amazing eye for her subjects' essence and a unique talent for creating unbelievably special scenes. Her professionalism, passion and love are encapsulated in every photo she takes and I'm so grateful to have these once-in-a-lifetime memories captured by her.”

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